Strategic Cross-Functional Technology Leader

Technology Applied Offshore to Non-Productive Time and Process Safety

Industry Leader experienced in technology, operations, and regulatory, running a consulting company to apply technology offshore. Build successful teams and promote knowledge sharing. Technical and management skills working with industry stakeholders. Proficient in mobile offshore drilling unit operations and wind turbine installation jack-ups and associated value propositions for non-productive time and process safety. Coordinate various industry studies for floating production units and ocean renewable energy.  Champion structural health monitoring opportunities. Areas of expertise include:

 Director-Level Management | Technical and Business Development
Offshore Drilling Units | Jack-up Site Assessments (O&G, Wind Turbine Installation)
Floating Production Units | Structural Monitoring | Risk Assessments

Summary of Professional Experience

BREKKE OFFSHORE CONSULTING, LLC, Houston, TX           2016 – present

President and Owner                                                                      2016 – present

  • As a paid independent contractor, served as chair responsible for coordination of a 14-month SNAME joint-industry program on wind turbine installation jack-ups.  Participants included 12 funding organizations, 8 commercial contributors, and 3 universities.  The deliverable is a Phase II proposal approaching $1M for development of SNAME’s worldwide industry guidelines on site-specific assessment of wind turbine installation jack-ups.
  • Secured a management contract for a hazard identification study for a novel gas carrier design and built team of 12 experts to execute the study.
  • Co-authored a SNAME bulletin on Robustness of Floating Production Systems with 6 months of active industry collaboration; proposing joint-industry follow-up.
  • Completed execution of a long-term contract with an Australian law firm to successfully serve/testify as an expert witness on jackup operations in the arbitration of a commercial dispute.
  • Secured contracts with energy clients for ongoing studies to support floating drilling and jack-up drilling operations.
  • Collaborated with client to publish paper on the benefits of modern instrumentation technology at the 2017 International Conference on the Jack-up Platform at City University in London.  Conducting business development for clients on offshore instrumentation technology to reduce non-productive time and improve process safety.
  • For the International Organization of Standards (ISO), serving for 4 years on the leadership team writing the first ISO 19905-4 Standard for Jackup Installation and Removal.  Chairing the Planning Task Force for this activity.  The deliverable will provide a standard for the jack-up rig moving business for the worldwide fleet of over 500 jack-up rigs, establishing a marked improvement for jack-up installation and removal from difficult locations in borderline conditions.
  • As Chair of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) Offshore Technical and Research Committee, established and overseeing SNAME Panels, one on “Wind Technologies”; i.e., computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing, empirical methods, a second on “Robustness of Floating Offshore Installations”, and a third on “Ocean Renewable Energy”.  Leading over 100 professionals from the offshore community in these panel sessions with recent activities including the SNAME Offshore Symposium, a Wind Technologies workshop at the SNAME Maritime Convention, and several contributions to the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).  Engaged a group of 25 offshore wind energy industry experts for development of a well-received panel session on U.S. offshore wind energy at the 2019 OTC.
  • For the American Society of Civil Engineers, COPRI (Institute), serving as contributor for the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) draft industry standard.

AMERICAN BUREAU of SHIPPING (ABS), Houston, TX; Singapore 2012 – 2016

Account Manager, Global Offshore                                                        2015 – 2016

Vetted and marketed advanced jackup monitoring technology to industry.

  • Led ABS marketing on overall jackup safety issues, one of ABS’ top 5 technology projects in 2016.
  • Produced technical publications, presentations, press conference, and video demonstrating safety and cost savings for industry stakeholders.
  • Led 3 industry technology initiatives and other industry standards developments.

Director, Offshore Performance, Global Performance, Singapore 2013 – 2015

Developed capability for jackup monitoring technology within Singapore team.

  • Promoted structural monitoring concepts and was awarded instructor certification in ABS hull inspection maintenance program (HIMP).
  • Represented ABS in East Asia and Middle East by giving 3 conference presentations, 2 seminars, and training sessions.

Senior Staff Consultant                                                                            2012 – 2013

Established need for update to SNAME Bulletin on Guidelines for Wind Tunnel Testing to resolve ongoing operator issues with US Coast Guard approvals.

  • Mobilized industry stakeholder group, forming and chairing SNAME committee to start resolving issue.
  • Delivered marine safety presentation at 2 ABS industry committee meetings in Houston and at the Business Offshore Conference in Hamburg.
  • Made related presentations in Dubai and at OTC in Houston.


Director, Marine Support                                                                   2006 – 2012

Integrated new marine organization following the merger of Transocean and GlobalSantaFe. For 7 years, ran marine organization (staff of 25 corporate, 20 division professionals) supporting 140-rig fleet.

  • Managed corporate oversight of marine operations, marine engineering, and regulatory compliance, delivering Marine Compliance Procedures Manual and spreading best practices and lessons learned.
  • Recruited and developed 10 engineers who conducted naval architecture and rig site assessments (riser analysis, station keeping, jack up site assessments) of rig moves for 140-rig fleet.
  • Distributed North Sea best practice to 9 divisions worldwide resulting in 50% reduction in annual marine incident rate.
  • Held interdisciplinary monthly teleconferences and annual marine meetings, resulting in recognition of Marine Support as a model organization for consistent and high quality support of operations, earning 1st place rating among 8 categories in 2011 customer (operator) feedback.
  • Provided individual feedback, rewards, and personnel development opportunities, delivering 0% attrition among corporate support staff during 4-year period.
  • Established interdepartmental procedures, driving down 2011 rig overdue items to zero, and outstanding issues to new lows.

Manager, Marine Technology                                                                1998 – 2005

Led engineering staff in overseeing marine technical support of operations and sales related to floating drilling, stationkeeping, and jackup site assessments.

  • Planned and managed joint industry work to gather jackup structural field measurements during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, sharing major findings as contributing author to industry papers, increasing manufacturing confidence in jackup site assessments.
  • Used industry findings on mooring performance during hurricanes of 2000’s, establishing company methodology for more efficient, risk-based site assessments.
  • Built riser analysis capability at Global Marine during start-up of deepwater fleet (5 DP vessels), providing for safe operations and customer confidence which led to increased business.
  • Developed technology for state of the art onboard riser analysis software, utilized currently by multiple drilling contractors and operators. Published work in award-winning paper at Deep Offshore Technology Conference.
  • Lead author for 3 drilling riser papers referenced in industry standards API 16Q and ISO 13604.

Additional Relevant Experience

STEWART TECHNOLOGY ASSOC., Houston                                                                     

Principal Consultant

  • Conducted VIV analysis for France Hunt Oil at a site in the English Channel site, showing need for fairings on jackup conductor. Oversaw fabrication and installation of fairings during operations which enabled successful drilling of a well in over 4-knot currents that could not have otherwise been drilled.

EXXON PRODUCTION RESEARCH, Houston                                                                      

Research Specialist

  • Conducted jackup field measurements (GOM, North Sea) showing analytical results match field measurements for Exxon, Shell, and UK-HSE. Recognized in Top Ten upstream research projects at Exxon in 1Q1990.  Wrote multiple publications; 1989 paper referenced in 2011 ISO industry standards.